Kimball Electronics China (KECN) Donates Time and Money to Sunshine Village

May 29, 2023, 00:00 by Nicole Krempp
Employees from KECN donated almost $4,300 to help fulfill the wishes of disabled children at the center and visited the center to donate their time.




On May 28th, 2023, volunteers from KECN visited a social welfare institution located in Anhui Province to celebrate International Children's Day (June 1) with the disabled kids there.

KECN addressed more than two hundred wishes from the children to help fulfill their dreams. Some of the items donated included a foldable bike, a study machine, a laptop, and LEGO toys. One child requested a suitcase that might one day be used during travel to the Special Olympics games, another wish the child hopes to have fulfilled someday.

KECN also donated a lot of disposable diapers for kids suffering from brain paralysis.


Mrs. Liu, the director of the welfare institution, showed us around the children's home, Sunshine Village, where they advocate to raise the kids based on a family model. The model entails the recruitment of educated couples who act as their parents and take care of the kids, feed them, teach them, and spend "family" time with them. Not only can the children enjoy parental affection, but they can learn how to get along well with others, which is beneficial to their physical and mental health.


Rebecca Z., HR Manager of KECN, on behalf of KECN, made a presentation to the institution and reiterated Kimball Electronics' Purpose Statement, "Creating Quality for Life."

The activity led to happiness for the kids, and the staff expressed their appreciation of our support.


The money that KECN used to fund the gifts came from Kimball Electronics' 2023 $50,000 Global Giving Project, for which each facility was given an allotment of the total based on employee head count.


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