Improving Healthcare Outcomes

The medical end market fosters innovation, uniquely positioning us to provide the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to effectively support cutting-edge medical customers. We provide expertise in cold chain management, drug delivery device production, sterilization, disposable device production, scientific injection molding, clean room device assembly, PCBAs, and complete full-system assembly. Our agility and responsiveness ensure quick time-to-market, enabling Kimball Electronics to keep pace with an ever-evolving market.

We offer a full complement of services for the Medical market:  Engineering & Design Services, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Diversified Contract Manufacturing Services (DCMS), and Automation, Test and Measurement Solutions.



Engineering and Design Services


Full Design & Development or Assisted Engineering and Development Capabilities


Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA's) to Medical Full System Assembly Build


Diversified Contract Manufacturing Services (DCMS)


Single-Use Medical Devices, Combination Products, In Vitro Diagnostic Test Kits



Cooperatively EMS and DCMS


Durable and Single-Use Drug Delivery Devices and Connected Medical Devices



Automation, Test and Measurement Solutions

Solutions to support our customer's manufacturing and Industry 4.0 efficiency


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How We Build Lasting Relationships

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Supporting the Continuum of Care

We support our customers with FDA Registration and offer EU MDR and IVDR support. We manufacture products that support the Continuum of Care:

From Prevention to Early Diagnostics, through Clinical and Hospital Diagnostics & Treatment, to Home & Community Care. 

We manufacture products that are Creating Quality for Life. 

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Our Services and Products

We can help our customers speed to market with our experience. Kimball Electronics offers strong regulatory and process development teams in order to focus on your New Product Introduction (NPI). We help to streamline activities that can lead to delayed product launches. From your first idea, to full-scale manufacturing, we can help. Your patient is our patient.

  • Respiration Monitors
  • Physical Therapy Devices
  • Laboratory Measurement Equipment
  • Defibrillator Electronics (AEDs)
  • Single-Use Kits for Orthopedics, Spine, ENT and Vascular Segments
  • Endoscopy Equipment and Disposables
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Hematology Equipment
  • Vital Sign Monitors
  • Connected Devices
  • Patient Ventilation Controls and Monitoring
  • Computed Tomography (CT) Electronics
  • Clinical Chemistry Instrumentation
  • Urinalysis Equipment (Including Disposable Test Strips)

Our global footprint, core competencies, Industry 4.0 experience, and core values ensure lasting relationships and global success.


We are focused, aligned, disciplined, and committed to bringing life-saving and life-improving products to market for our Medical customers. Since 1999, we have offered electronics design, electronics assembly manufacturing, and focused support to meet critical healthcare requirements. We have the experience and ability to provide the highest quality and highest reliability in Medical manufacturing.



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