ZOLL Recognizes Kimball Electronics as a "Partner in Helping Save Lives"

Jan 18, 2023, 00:00 by Nicole Krempp
We are proud to share that Kimball Electronics was recognized by ZOLL Medical as part of their Heroes for Life Program.


The Heroes for Life program was designed to recognize and celebrate SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) survivors and the unexpected heroes who helped save their lives. These heroes come in many forms. From the bystanders who step in to provide CPR and use the AED, to the facilities that have the foresight to install AEDs and the partners that support the development and distribution of AEDs to public spaces – they all play an important role in increasing the chances of survival from SCA. And Kimball Electronics is just that – a partner in helping to save lives.


Since 2004, Kimball Electronics has provided key components for ZOLL® defibrillators which are used to help restart a heart when someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest. SCA is an electrical disturbance in the heart that prevents it from beating properly. Without immediate intervention, SCA can quickly lead to death. AEDs use an electric shock to stop an irregular rhythm — and get the heart beating normally again. Kimball Electronics components are part of what enables this lifesaving technology.


As part of the recognition, Kimball Electronics was awarded a ZOLL AED to donate to a charitable organization - the donation was given to the Indianapolis Public Schools System.



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