Kimball Electronics Thailand Donation to Center Helping Abused Children

Sep 29, 2022, 00:00 by Nicole Krempp
Kimball Electronics Thailand donates monetary resources and everyday goods to help child victims of human trafficking.


Last year, one way to celebrate our company's 60th anniversary, our locations around the globe were each given $1,961 to donate to worthwhile causes in their communities. In 2022, we decided to "kick it up a notch," this time dividing $50,000 between all Kimball Electronics locations to donate, at their discretion, to worthwhile causes in their communities.


The amount of money allotted to each location varies mainly based on its employee count.
Recently, Kimball Electronics Thailand (KETL), donated $1,875 of that amount to provide scholarships to help child victims of human trafficking who have sought refuge at the Center Against Human Trafficking and Abused Children (ATCC) in Chonburi. KETL employees also donated money and every-day living items, such as rice, dry food, snacks, etc., to the center.


KETL encourages employees to take part in social assistance to help children who are victims of all kinds of human trafficking. Most are victims of physical abuse. They also suffer mentally, due to being forced into child and human trafficking.








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